Woman bowhunting for taxidermy

Bow Hunting for Taxidermy

Hunting bows can be split up into two categories: the traditional family and the compound family. Compound bows are some of the first to improve performance with advanced technology. The recurve bow fits in with this arc group because it is not standard, instead it is a stylized version of what modern bows could be. […]

Taxidermy Mistakes to Avoid

Taxidermy is something that most people do not truly understand when they get started, or they are working with a taxidermist who does not completely understand or appreciate the art. The only way to solve this problem is to be very careful with the way that taxidermy is done while also asking the right questions […]


Taxidermy Techniques

Alcohol preservation The easiest method is to fully immerse the object in a preservative solution, typically alcohol (denatured ethanol 70%). Objects are initially treated with formol, a fixing solution which prevents tissue decay and autolysis, before placement into the preservative. Sensitive organisms such as jellyfish are to be treated with a fixing solution first. Formol […]